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Periord: sept 2020

Site: Votre Spazi Contemporanei, Carrara MS

Curated: Fabio Cavallucci

Production: Votre, Spazi Contemporanei

Sinopsis: In the meantime, however, the questions remain, the questions on why these modalities
artistic find today a reason to enter the spotlight. It is not about
only of market needs, which also internationally there are and tend to
to show increasing values. There is probably a warning, that the
artists are the first to intuit the need to rebel against a society that is always
more rigid and bridled. There is perhaps the will to escape from a world always
more complex and technologically organized in which with more and more
difficulties we are able to find in our ubi consistam , and therefore
we tend to take refuge in ourselves, in the blurred and uninformed halos of our
interiority. But there is also perhaps an echo of recent scientific discoveries,

those that show how matter is actually a stream of vibrations, and
how the whole universe is crossed by waves, that the greatest distances between the
stars to the motions of subatomic microparticles make everything that
we see, that we think and imagine much more aleatory, unpredictable and
uncertain of how much it appears to us.

Federico Fusj,Moral Portrait X, 2020, show view
Federico Fusj, Installation view, Votre spazi contemporanei 2020


Periord: oct 2018

Site: Fondazione Palazzo Binelli, Carrara (Ms) Italy

Ideated: Nicola Ricci

Curated: Nicola Ricci, Gilberto Pellizzola

Production: Nicola Ricci Contemporary art -Claudio Poleschi Gallery

Sinopsis:A dialogue between great artists of the present with the masters of neoclassical and nineteenth-century art, such as Benedetto Cacciatori, Carlo Fontana, Wilhelm Bissen, Fidardo Landi and many others (that is, the sculptors authors of the works that are part of the Binelli Palace collection). The  title refers to the dialogue between ancient and contemporary works.

Title:The Shadow of Presence ||

Periord: oct 2018

Site: Galerie Thierry Marlat, Paris, France

Ideated: Thierry Marlat

Curated: Thierry Marlat, Charles A. Cartwright

Production: Galerie Thierry Marlat,


Title:L’amore è trasparente

Periord: july 2018 2018

Site: Yurta relazioni culturali, Serre di Rapolano, (Si) Italy

Ideated: Yurta

Curated: Yurta

Production: Yurta


Title:No man’s Library

Periord: may-june 2018

Site: Biblioteca Università di Sassari, Sassari, Italy

Ideated: Zerynthia

Curated: Zerynthia

Production: Uniss, Deca Master, Zerynthia

Sinopsis:The spaces of the former University Library of Sassari,  come alive thanks to the contribution of 54 international artists, representing 16 nations and 4 generations, who collect the invitation to fill the shelves with art empty.

Title:Eremi Arte

Periord: July 2016

Site: Eremo di Sant’Onofrio all’Orfento (PE), Italy

Ideated: Marco Brandizzi

Curated: Maurizio Coccia, Enzo De Leonibus, Silvano Manganaro

Production: Accademia di Belle Arti dell’Aquila.

Sinopsis:Trekking Culturale and Messa a Dimora of the Sculpture Fonte Y . A jurney, a cultural trekking in the path of the Orfento River Valley to joint the Sant’Onofrio all’Orfento Hermitage. This was the assigned position for onyx sculpture “Fonte Y”  installed in the penthouse of Hermitage Sant’Onofrio all’Orfento an exclusive location only a 3 and half hour walk from Caramanico Terme.  The reason of its location so unique is the fact of being part of the Eremi Arte exhibition, an artistic site specific regional scale group show which takes place in Abruzzo region in Italy.


just Back…

 Fonte Y, withe onyx, 2016

Fonte Y

Dimora for Fonte Y

Dimora for Fonte Y

Dimora for Fonte Y
The Penthouse of Sant'Onofrio all'Orfento Ermitage

step by step


Drinking fresh water from the rock


Light and shadow on the path


Fiume Orfento, Caramanico Terme, (Pe) 2016

Title:Troubleyn Laboratorium Museum

Periord: nov 2015-feb 2016

Site: Troubleyn Laboratorium, Antwerp, Belgium

Ideated: Jan Fabre

Curated: Jan Fabre

Production: Angelos/Troubleyn

Sinopsis:This is a site specific  healing room for those who want to stay in relax and experience soaking music during the theater works. Ideated  for the set of Troubleyn Teather Company, Antwerp Belgium, the healing room are dedicated to Dr. Romeo Giuli.

Federico Fusi ambiente@troubleyn.be 2015|watercolour on paper, wallpaper, brass plaque Troubleyn laboratorium, Antwerp
Federico Fusi ambiente@troubleyn.be 2015|watercolour on paper, wallpaper, brass plaque Troubleyn laboratorium, Antwerp
Federico Fusi ambiente@troubleyn.be 2015|watercolour on paper, wallpaper, brass plaque Troubleyn laboratorium, Antwerp


Periord: may 2015

Site: La Filanda, Pieve a Presciano (Ar), Italy

Ideated: Alessio de Girolamo

Curated: Alessio de Girolamo

Production: La Filanda

Sinopsis: A group show focused on the border betwen natural and no natural. The  invitation and the installation was a dialogue with the works of artist Bruna Esposito.

ANCHE CON DENTI, 2015 marmo statuario Carrara view of the installation with Bruna Esposito SALINE for the show Innatural


Periord: may 2013

Site: Sincresis, Empoli (Fi), Italy

Ideated: Gianni Lillo

Curated: Alessandra Scappini

Production: Sincresis

Sinopsis: The exploration of the contemporary terms of sacred in a group of same generation artist in Tuscany


Title:Plastiche Armonie, scultori al Festival di Spoleto

Periord: august 1990

Site: Fortress of Spoleto, Spoleto (Pg), Italy

Ideated: Edoardo Sannipoli

Curated: Enzo di Grazia

Production: Township of Spoleto

Sinopsis: Sculptors in the fortress of Spoleto in the occasion of the Festival dei due mondi

Title:Conto Terzi

Periord: april-june 1989

Site: Castle  of Soncino, Soncino (Cr), Italy

Ideated: Luca Quartana

Curated: Elisabetta Longari

Production: The partecipants


The show was the continuation of politics, more based on the inner relationship that generates the realization of the works,


Periord: july-august 1988

Site: downtown of Novi Ligure (Al), Italy

Ideated: Luca Quartana, Poppi Posillipo, Gianni Noli

Curated: The partecipants

Production: Comune of Novi Ligure


Politica was a group show based in an idea of production of site specific artworks for the town of Novi Ligure, the artist mouved from strong relational experiences. The show are considerated one of the 7 most considerable artshow in Italy till now.

Solo Show

Title:A Nudo

Periord: may 2014

Site: Schema Polis, Carmignano (PO), Italy

Ideated: Raoul Dominguez

Curated: Raoul Dominguez

Production: Schema Polis


A rally point on the recent production, focused on sculpture and drwaing. Serching a nes set up for this traditional and eternal figurative way.

“El Shadday”, 2011/13 marble withe Siena, pigment-, cm 35x20x55 c.ca (front view)